Day 361 Stitching Post; Gathering fabrics…


Day 361 27th December
May start my “chicken bag” soon. I don’t think it will look like the pattern, but it is a good place to start. Harry bought me some lovely red chicken fabric which will make a lovely strip at the top. I may do squares at the bottom but that is not decided. I like the spotty background for the hens. The hens could be orangy brown or black. We shall see…


Day 360-Stitching Post;New Project

WIN_20151226_13_28_05_ProDay 360 Boxing Day

Received chicken fabric and pattern for a chicken bag. This might be the next project…

Day 359 Stitching Post; Stitchy presents


Day 359 Christmas Day
Some fabric and fancy shears were among my presents this year…

Day 358 Stitching Post; Christmas Eve


Day 358 Christmas Eve
No stitching time. Merry Christmas!

Day 357 Stitching Post; washed and dried already…


Day 357 December 23rd
My newly stitched runner did not last long; Tyrion( who is not allowed on the table) decided that it was there for him. In the evening some red wine managed to find its way on it.
This morning  it is back to its original state. How long for?

Day 356 Stitching Post; back to hexies


Day 356 December  22nd
If I have the energy to do any stitching tonight it will be hexies. Spent this afternoon wrapping presents. At least it has been done before Christmas eve this year….

Day 355 Stitching Post; Christmas runner completed


Day 355 December 21st
Finished hand stitching the binding minutes ago. The runner is now ready for  Christmas.

Day 354 Stitching Post; Hand stitching


Day 354  December 20th
I have started to stitch the binding down using my new needles from Secret Santa. The Clover Black Gold Needles are lovely- thanks Elaine.
I used the Christmas fabric you gave me for the backing Becky. The binding also came from you. Waste not want not!

Day 353 Stitching Post; Binding


Day 353  December 19th
Layered the runner and quilted it with meandering. The binding is on ready to hand stitch tomorrow.

Day 352 Stitching Post; Top done


Day 352 December 18th
Did not get round to layering it up but the top is stitched and pressed.

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