Bow Ties

WIN_20160411_09_48_34_Pro.jpgHaving been asked if it was possible for me to make a bow tie ,I have had a play and decided it is. I have a production line going…. These are made to measure, without those fiddly clips. The tana lawn was lovely to work with, but needs more courage to be worn with the subtle chameleons.


More Socks

WIN_20160408_09_37_59_ProJust finished two more pairs of socks. I am gradually getting through the UFOs. Another pair of socks is now on my needles, using the hand dyed yarn from Folkestone Harbour Yarn.

Dresden no 2

IMG_20160213_193853Just finished my second Dresden plate. I intend to make another two for a runner for the coffee table. Looking at it now it would be hard to see the runner under the piles of books though!

Fringe Benefits

Finally I have blocked and added the fringe to the scarf I finished a while ago. Here’s hoping that the team improves its performance too…IMG_20160208_111308131_HDR

Quilt Finished-Ta Dah…

Just finished binding my quilt and I am pleased with it. As usual it is meander quilted in cream. One day I will attempt something new, but this finish is easily laundered and easy on the eye. It is now ready to give to a good friend as a retirement gift. Hopefully it will get good use in her campervan.IMG_20160124_142647031


First Quilt Top for 2016

IMG_20160111_155023607Ta Dah…

Just completed the quilt top of my Trip Round The World kit. This was on offer with a subscription to ‘Quilt Now’ before Christmas. It went together quite well and now needs  to be layered up and quilted.

I used all the fabrics in the kit and did not add any of my own, just changing the order a little. I was tempted to use the backing on the front ,since it is a nice fabric, but decided not to in case I ran out of fabric. The fabric allowance was quite generous and instructions clear on the whole. I think it would, however, have been easier to totally separate the ‘ cylinder’ from the hand method. Having just found that the wadding is 90/10 cotton /poly rather than the polyester I expected, I will be using that too.

Next post will be the completed quilt.

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Day 365 Stitching Post-the last of the year of blogs…


Day 365 New Year’s Eve

I have just added some hand stitching to Jack Triggs’ creation. He used my sewing machine yesterday to make this head gear for an Animal [Muppets] costume. It still needs a trim…

This is the last blog for 2015 and my resolution is complete. I have blogged everyday for a year about stitching-well cats and chickens too some might say. I will be posting in the new year, but not as frequently. You may see more activity on Instagram too…

Happy New Year!



Day 364 stitching Post; Newly made mattress protector

IMG_20151230_100126811Day 364 30th December

Just finished making another mattress protector for the 4 foot by 7 foot bed. Let’s hope it is a little more successful than the one I bought. I found a quilted bed throw going cheap and just fitted it-a fraction of the cost of the original.

Day 363 stitching Post; Ta Dah

IMG_20151228_175630457Day 363 29th December

Finished making my EPP travel bag. I am pleased with it.


Day 362 Stitching Post; Now the cat fabric…


Day 362 28th December
Having had a look on Pinterest  and not found anything which quite works for me  I am going to design my own EPP travel bag. Usually, for small pieces, a tin works fine. However a completed “flower” does not fit in. Also a tin does not fit in a small handbag with ease. Armed with some fabric I received for Christmas I am going to play. Well when I ‘ve cleaned out the chickens and sorted the washing…

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